Why We Need to Practice Self-Compassion

An Easy Self-Compassion Practice

Step 1: When you find yourself in a cycle of negative self-talk because you have failed at something or are disappointed with an outcome, remind yourself that the task was difficult and that you did your best.

Step 2: Remind yourself that you don’t have to be good at everything. Not everyone has the same set of skills.

Step 3: Remember that comparing yourself to others can be painful—especially if their successes are all over social media. Thank yourself for your progress and embrace where you are now.

Step 4: It’s okay to feel lucky. Successful outcomes are sometimes based on luck. If something has failed, oftentimes we could not have entirely controlled  the outcome so we are not entirely to blame.

Step 5: Your worth is not dependant on external things. You are not only your achievements. Rehearse the internalized  voices  of all those who have been kind to you, independent of achievement.

Step 6: Take time for yourself and don’t underestimate rest.

Mindfulness allows us to see how we respond to ourselves, and work toward a bond that’s healthier and happier. Take a few minutes and try this practice: 5 Steps to a Better Relationship With Yourself

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