Love is painful

Love is the human experience of heaven. It is your path of enlightenment and the direction you point the compass of your being to. This means that every situation, person, and experience is an opportunity to meet love. Love is your greatest teacher, your dearest friend and your most cosmic lover. To fall in love with LOVE is the most sweetest adventure you will ever have.

Except the majority of us have corrupted and distorted definitions of love. These can come from the experience we had in the womb, from the relationship we had with our parents and family, the schoolyard or from a heart break. Distortions in love can be passed down through the generations or picked up from the influence of the collective conciseness.  Such beliefs could include:

‘Love is painful.’

‘Love abandons me.’

‘Love is abusive/possessive/jealous.’

‘Every time I fall in love I get rejected.’

‘I am always alone.’

‘There was not enough love in my family.’

‘I am still carrying a heart break from a past relationship.’

‘Every one else falls in love except for me.’

‘I am unsure how to receive love.’

‘It is safer to reject love than receive it.’

‘Love is unsafe.’

The list of corrupted love patterns goes on and on and on, but our task is rebirth  back into love, so the negative patterns do not continue. This is a beautiful process because as we evolve out of our limited past we gain two very important virtues – wisdom and compassion.  These are the pillars that teach us how to uphold love in every situation.

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